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Redesigned for easy wiring and space saving. This is only 14.75" long and can be cut down to 12". It needs no special wiring for engines with roller spacing of greater than 4". For engines with   shorter spacing , use the easy to wire DZ1008 relays that are specifically made to fit onto the DZ1000 switch machine.

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 22 degree Crossing

It is a drop in replacement for the Atlas 22 deg. We have designed this so that even your smallest roller spaced loco's will travel through it without a hitch. This has a hot diamond and 4 imbeded helper hot rails that you can relay power to. Check out the wiring diagram. Keep in mind that most engines will not have to use the relay or machine but will be fine with just the center diamond powered

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                         S-Gauge #4 switches

Ross has released a new #4 S-gauge switch. For use with scale or tinplate wheels we are also working on an 038 and 4-way in the s-gauge line.

Call and order one today! Prices are $29.95 Manual....$49.95 with Dz1000 motor and push button controller....and $59.95 with DZ1000 push button controller and Dz1008 relay to control power to the center swivel.

Pictures will be up soon

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                                                     Transfer Tables

Ross also has introdused our first fully automatic transfer table. The first size is a 18" bridge 5stop. We will also make this 18" in a 10 stop and a 15 stop.

Future sizes will possibly include a 27" bridge 5...10...15 stop and a 33" bridge 5...10...15 stop.

Pictures up soon!

Transfer Table instructions here

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                                                                Comming soon!

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available now!

Rossbed saves about half the amount of ballast work. The switches and track nest right into the bed. No guesswork. If you prefer not to ballast, it can be spray painted.

Provides excellent sound deadening qualities

Ross not only is making this for our stuff, but also for Atlas track and Switches.

Scroll down and have a look.

In the picture below you see Atlas track perfectly nested in the roadbed
Below, a close up of Ross Track and Ross Roadbed
Each piece is labeled with the product number. If you look closely you can see R101 etched on this switchpad.
Below a closeup of some 054 roadbed for Atlas.
Another section of Atlas 072 in the Ross Roadbed.

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RCS / Weaver Logo Boxcar
        Weaver's Ultra line

- Painted Die cast trucks

- Die caset couplers

- Limited quntities.

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