is the term we use for our fully
automatic switches. They come with
the DZ1000 or the DZ2500 lighted
motors mounted on them with lighted
pushbutton controllers.
The hotrails are wired throughout for
most models and neccessary ground rails
are connected.
Manual switches
are not wired but can be
by speical request for a
small charge.
Ross Custom Switches
Check out the detail possibilities
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We now have a whole new line of Tinplate switches



Simply... No one has more of a switch selection than Ross does. Check out the dimensions and
selections in PDF form below.

Ross NOW has a whole selection of Turntables and Transfer Tables. Check out all our different
sizes. The Turn Tables are available now with manual positioning motor assembly and indexing kit
will be available soon.

We are now carrying beautiful Telephone poles from DM&M Railroad Company. They are simply the best telephone/telegraph poles we have seen. They are available now and you can call us at
1-800-331-1395 if you would like to purchase.

New! 22 degree Crossing

Crossover into Ross Custom Switches for an incredible variety of track and switches that is unmatched in the industry. Because of this variety you will save space and access areas of your layout that you had thought were inaccessible. In many cases you can do twice as much in a given space.

Switching is FUN when you are operating ROSS. Let's face it a poorly working switch is anything but a good time. We are so confident in our products that we urge you to run your trains backwards through them...AT SPEED.

Some of our latest offerings are described in NEWS

In the future we will have many of our switches pictured here within the website but for now you can see them in the company store. It will have a complete listing of all of our products in both manual and RossReady remote modes. Detailed descriptions are available with photos of actual products. If you would like an overview please read on.

Why ROSS? 

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Our switches are hand made with extremely tight tolerances.

We use our SuperFrog II design. This is a one piece frog machined in house. Since it is machined and is not hand bent rail pushed up against a wedge insert we can control the height of the Frog. What this means in laymans terms is that at this most critical part of the turnout your trains glide through like they were on a piece of track. Also the angle or radius of departure is exact and specific to each of the 45+ switches we make. NO FUDGING! The wing rails on these frogs are ramped so as to not catch stray slide shoes, and the flange way has depth control so the wheel doesn't drop into the frog but glides smoothly through. The points are also CNC milled from solid rail stock specific to each switch. NO FUDGING! The Guardrails are solid aluminum and low profile so as to not catch stray slide shoes. The rails are both SPIKED and BONDED to a REAL WOODEN TIE plate and has an interconnecting wooden stringer glued underneath that makes up our TIE LOCK system. This prevents the ties from swimming around on you. NO PLASTIC MOLDED TIES. We have many different sizes of track from 031 diameters to 0128 diameter.

Our track and switches are made with roll formed tinplated steel rail on the outside rails and roll formed oxidized steel rail for the center rail. The roll forming leaves you will a very prototypical flat top and slightly rounded edge. It is not sharp so your wheels and rollers will be safe. Sharp edges can notch your equipment. Since our rail is roll formed, sections are connected via a flat track pin. This is important because a rail joiner that connects the bottom of your rail does not necessarily align the tops....that is where the train's wheels are rolling. The pinned connection forces the tops of the rails together. Another advantage to track pins is the ability you have to easily cut and re-pin pieces for exact fits. With our versatility you can tell your track and switches what to do and not be told by them.

If you are already using a different track system. No worries! RCS can adapt to almost anything out there. We have mating pins for "O", and “O27". The standard Atlas joiner will work with our rail, and Gargraves uses the same flat track pin that we do.

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