Ross Custom Switches
Switch Dimensions
PDF files
Below we have created full size PDF files for you to view download or print right from the website. You
will need to have Adobe Reader or another program that allows you to view them. You can download the
latest version of their reader FREE by clicking here. Remember these are full size versions so if you want to
print to full scale you wiill have to have a program like Adobe Acrobat that will allow for large scale or "Tile"

When printing use the options "tile large pages" in the drop down list. The default command will try to fit it
to the page on your printer.

To view simply click on the the text.

To download right click on the text and store it to a folder of your choice.

Missing items should be added shorty.
PDFs of our crossings
PDFs of our switches
#4 yard xover (#202 and #203)
PDFs of our Track Sections