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DZ1265 Diesel Fueling Station Animator

MSRP: $75.00
Price: $65.00
You Save: $10.00 (13 %)

"You're all set to go!"


Now add the sounds of the attendant walking up to your diesel and connecting the fuel line, and hear the fuel gushing into your fuel tank. Once "you're all set to go!" is heard the attendant returns to the office. To add this sound and animation to your 415 Diesel Fueling Station (not included), just remove the top to stick the board that detects the man's position in place and put a reflective card on the bottom of your engine's tank. Then connect the speaker and control board. The sensor that mounts between the rails detects when the engine is stopped in place and starts the action. Can also be manually operated with a pushbutton switch (not included). The animator can also be controlled from CAB-1 using our DZ-2001 Data Wire Driver.

Item Number: DZ1265
Manufacturer: Z-Stuff for Trains

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